Alexander McQueen Four Finger Flower Leather Clutch

Alexander McQueen Four Finger Leather Clutch
What another unique design that Alexander McQueen came up with when he inspired many people with his new Four Finger Flower Leather Clutch. Alexander McQueen is not only known to be one of the best British fashion designers, but he has also been recognized on five different occasions. On four occasions he has received the best British Designer award and the fifth time around he received the International Designer award.

The Four Finger Flower Clutch is perfect for someone that is opting for the bad girl look. It is perfect for that mean machine looking outfit that you plan on wearing out. Not to mention, if is a perfect compact size, but though it is not big it surely will draw lots of attention because of the unique design. It is 6 inches wide, 3 ½ inches in height, and 2 inches in depth; so don’t plan to carry too much in it. The inside of the clutch bag is made of black leather, with the outside being made out of gold leather; a very luxurious purse to wear with a bad pair of leather boots or heels.

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