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Different eras previous played a huge role in the fashions that were available during those times, such as the 70’s when New Wave made a huge impact on type of clothes that people would wear. However once the 80’s approached the styles changed once again. The 80’s fashion styles were mostly influenced by Duran and Blondie. So what can we expect for the 21st century? Since a lot of the Hip Hop music is inspiring the fashion world it has been noticed that Pop star/singers such as Britney Spears and Madonna have been working very closely with Stevie Nicks for new inspirations for the style of the century.

Upon entering Coco, the fashion store you will be inspired by a whole new world of wardrobe fashion clothing and shoes; the styles have changed right before our eyes. It’s so interesting how we don’t know what to expect to be in fashion for the next season, and some of us hardly ever read up on the latest styles; we only know when we enter the stores of by checking out the latest fashion magazines. With what is in style now, you can enter the clubs looking unique and ready to drop jaws because there are so many different variations of ways you can wear the clothing for the 21st century. The clothes nowadays have people looking and interested. Clothing is like entertainment or eye candy if you will. It makes going out more interesting, meeting people more interesting and it gives those that are into high fashion something to talk about; literally!

clubwear fashion trend

Think scarves and stilettos; you are never too young to wear a scarf; scarves add a sophisticated and yet respectable look to any outfit! Stilettos will add a sexy and feminine look to your outfit whether you are going out to the clubs or on a dinner date. Stilettos were originally introduced during the mid 1950’s and until this very day there are still women rocking them. Every woman should have a pair or two of pumps in her wardrobe collection because you never know when you will be going out on that special night or to a special unexpected event. It is typical today to buy those pumps in those unusual fun colors that you would not necessarily wear to a job interview. Get bold and try a bright blue or hot pink pair of pumps for when you’re out on the town partying with your girlfriends or your honey!

Pink is a color that you could never go wrong with choosing; it is always in for every season of the year.

Lindsay Lohan in pink clubwear dress

If you really want to be feminine, instead of wearing shorts try a dress for once. So many women might be uncomfortable with wearing dresses especially if they don’t go out very often, but the honest truth is dresses will make you feel good and sexy about you. If you are out to try and find your soul mate then you should highly consider wearing an eye catching dress. There are so many different dresses to choose from. You can wear a mini dress, asymmetrical, knee length or a maxi dress. Whatever you might feel comfortable wearing and whatever compliments your body figure.

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