Ten Stupid Fashion Trends

stupid fashion trend

The world of fashion is simply amazing besides the fact that there are several fashion do’s and don’ts. However, there are so many people that take fashion to a whole different unnecessary prospective and this is because many people try to lose weight the wrong way so that they can fit inside the cute tight fitting top or size 0 jeans. Some of these fashions to begin with are not necessarily the best looks but since they were in at the time people wanted to make sure they could wear what appeared to be popular. Nowadays some of these very same stupid fashion trends can easily be looked down upon and have people wondering “What was I thinking to want to wear that so badly?” Continue to read on to learn more about some of the fashion trends that were the most stupid ones that anyone could possible try out!

Knee Warmers

Seriously; why is it even necessary to keep your knees warm when the bottom half of your legs are still prone to get cold? You might as well wear knee high socks or pantyhose! The whole idea of these knee warmers was to cause an illusion of making your legs look shorter while wearing them.

School Girl Look for Adults

So if you reminisce about being a school girl again or you thought this look was just one of the hottest and you’re an adult then chances are that you probably want a boyfriend younger than your age as well! You have to be out of your mind to want to look like a school girl in your 30’s. This look is definitely one of the most stupid and could cause any woman to just look plain immature!

harem pants stupid fashion trend

Leg Warmers

So legwarmers were a hot trend that many women took on during the 80’s. For some reason this look has never really completely seemed to fade away as there are still many women that wear these during the previous winters and more most likely will continue for this upcoming winter. This look seems to be best suited for dancers; not everyday wear as it is sort of stupid to wear them..especially when you can just simply wear pants when you get cold!

Harem Pants

These pants are entirely ugly; and unless you are dressing up for Halloween as M.C. Hammer then you should probably lay off of this ridiculously baggy pants that cause you to look like you’re just had an accident or you’re carrying groceries in your pants.

Blouse Shoulder Pads

Back in the 70’s and 80’s the shoulder pads were in because the whole idea of them was to cause the shoulders to look squarer in shape? Why in the world would any woman want to walk around look like a quarter back on a football team or looking like a robot?

Baggy/Sagging pants

You see it everywhere; guys young and older sagging their pants down to their thighs, or worse—to their knees; showing off their boxers and whatever else they should be hiding. Unfortunately baggy pants still remain to be one of the hottest trends for most men; usually the urban men. Can you say epic fail?

Butt Writing

What better way to get a pervert staring at your butt than to have some sort of writing on the back of your pants? Seriously—that’s all these types of pants are good for! Why does anyone really care about what your butt looks like?

butt writing trend

Ultra Low Rise Jeans

Another pair of pants that are great for advertising all of your rear goods are those super low rise jeans? Let’s just say you might as well just be walking around without any pants on at all; everyone around you will be able to see that you have “Plumbers Butt”. Unfortunately those with no morals or class don’t mind it at all!

Torn Jeans

Torn or distressed jeans have been a trend for quite some time and it’s not necessarily a horrible look, but what is so horrible about it is that it has become so high in demand that even the high fashion designers are selling them in their “torn” state for over $200! Seriously; just go and purchase a pair for $7 at your local GoodWill and rip them up yourself!

Statement Shoes

Statement shows are those shoes that you would more expect to be worn from a female alien from outer space. They have this look to them where you would wonder what the designer was thinking when they created them. The heels are usually out-of-this world and when you see models wearing them you cannot even imagine how they manage walking in them without breaking their ankles.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally disagree that harem pants is one of the most stupid fashion trends, It’s actually one of the most clever and popular! I really love very voluminous harem pants with extremely low crotch (Gwen’s harem pants) Now they also come in many shapes, sizes, material, and also for men. Big girls can wear harem pants too. This trend will last forever because they are so insanely comfy. Harem pants need much volym and crotch almost to the ground to look really good. It’s not anymore kind of gross or weird if you see someone wearing them out in public. It feels SO good when the crotch is below the knee, almost down to the floor when walking. I know several men who actually find harem pants on women very sexy, women should not show to much, a good looking woman who is hiding her curves makes the men curious for more. Also, men in harem pants is absolutely a hit! It’s time for men to dare more! Harem pants are super comfy and I think deep inside men are jealous at women and actually are longing for harem pants. Similar pants have been worn by men around the world for centuries. Nothing strange with that. I think harem pants is still so very hot. They are here to stay and I love them! Many people adore, love to have these pants on as often as possible, because they are extremely large, baggy, dramatic with a very wide and full fit. Very roomy, loose fitting, oversized, puffy and spacious, that makes them SO supercomfy!Elastic in waist and at ankles with very wide legs makes them to a superb outfit!You don’t need to follow fashion to see this trend. I have myself nothing against people wearing pajamas, sweatpants, harem pants or any other cozy clothing in public if they prefer. One day, maybe we can all wear what we want! I wear these kinda “baggy” pants frequently, similar this extreme one

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