Versace Versense-The Secret of Chic

Versace Versense women perfume
When you hear the name of Donatella Versache, what do you tend to think of? Personally, my mind draws the image of something elegant, unique, stylish, sophisticated and so on and so forth. I can find so many pros of Versache masterpieces, as I can find adjectives to describe them. Anyway, ever since Versache found her niche in fashion industry, her importance has considerably been increasing from year to year. Versace brand is famous for its reputation of a luxury brand. So, everyone expects from it only the best and the most magnetic perfumes.

Lately, Donatella Versace presented her new fragrance that was named Versace Versense. The fragrance is supposed to have a very great future. Versace Versense is an inimitable mixture of energy and freshness. Aroma of the Versace perfume evokes the feelings that are vitally necessary for a woman of today.

These are feelings of movement, freedom, flight and energy. Versense seems to keep in balance your emotions and thoughts. Its aroma of the Mediterranean relaxes and helps to get rid of external and internal preoccupations.

The fabulous fragrance opens with the Mediterranean bouquet involving green mandarin and bergamot. Then the tints of citruses appear in the composition adding freshness and lightness. Base notes are presented by warm woody notes of cedar, musk, sandalwood and olive. A wonderful mixture of all these accords provokes sensuality and sophistication.

Flacon of Versace Versense is light green, it features familiar Versace symbol. Versace designers created a flacon that looks elegant and chic. The Eau de Parfum is sold in 30, 50 or 100 ml. The face of the fragrance is Toni Garrn, a German fashion model, and Michelangelo di Battista, a fashion photographer and a model.
Versace Versense is a perfect way to feel vital energy and strength yet being sophisticated and sensual.

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